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Hall of Fame

Should anybody have information on the missing data for the years marked in RED please let us know. We would really appreciate to hear from you.


E = Winner of the Europeans

W = World Champion                             updated 01.08.18




Year          Location                                           Name                                                  Nationality

1972  E     Hyeres, France                              Carlo Backhausen                            Germany

1972  W    1stWorlds, Hawaii                          Richard Loufek                                  USA      

1973  E     Scheveningen, Holland                 Jean Dorgambide                             France

1974  E     Toulon, France                              Hans-Georg Muller                           Germany

1974  W    2ndWorlds, Tahiti                           Jeff Canepa                                       USA

1975  E     St. Tropez, France                         Hans-Georg Muller                           Germany

1975  W    3rdWorlds, Puerto Rico                 Jeff Canepa                                       USA

1976  E     Bandol, France                              Tamata                                                France

1977  E     van Hoek, Holland                         Thierry Berriou                                  France

1977  W    4thWorlds, Brazil                            Dean Froome                                     USA

1978  E     Lake Geneva, Switzerland             Thierry Berriou                                  France

1979  E     Hyere, France                                 Quanillon                                            Switzerland

1979  W    5thWorlds, South Africa                 Phil Berman                                       USA

1980  E     Steinhuder Meer, Germany            Tjibbe Veeloo                                    Holland

1981  E     Mallorca, Spain                              Carlo Backhausen                            Germany

1981  W    6thWorlds, Brazil                            Enrique Figueroa                              Puerto Rico

1982  E     Saint Jean de Luz, France             Dierk Reinhardt                                 Germany

1983  E     Lake Garda, Italy                            Dierk Reinhardt                                 Germany

1984  E     Kellenhusen, Germany                   Peter Manvis                                      Holland

1984  W    7thWorlds, Philippines                    Bob Curry                                           USA

1985  W    8thWorlds, Puerto Rico                   Enrique Figueroa                              Puerto Rico

1986                       ???

1987  E     Lake Geneva, Sweitzerland           Dierk Reinhardt                                 Germany

1987  W    9th Worlds, Mauritius                     Allan Laurence                                  South Africa

1988  E     Fohr, Germany                               Kay Kruger                                         Germany

1989  E     Crozon Moorgate, France              Dallman                                              Germany

1989  W    10thWorlds, New Caledonia           Chris Metcalfe                                    Australia

1990  E     Carnac, France                              Kai Kroeger                                        Germany

1991  E     Aarhus, Denmark                           Aubrey Price                                      South Africa

1992  E     Noirmoutier, France                       W. Vogel                                             Germany

1993  E     Lake Garda, Italy                            Andrew Young                                   South Africa

1994  E     Zülpicher, Germany                       Dirk Reinhardt                                   Germany

1995  E     Copenhagen, Denmark                 Joachim Wegner                               Germany

1995  W    11thWorlds, Germany                    Kai Kroeger                                        Germany

1996  E     Sitges, Spain                                 Wolfgang Pitsch                                Germany

1997  E     Saint Raphaël, France                   Weller Frieden                                   Germany

1997  W    12thWorlds, Brazil                          Claudio Cardoso                               Brazil

1998  E     Lake Garda, Italy                            Joachim Wegene                              Germany

1999  E     Föhr, Germany                                J. Sierck                                              Germany

2000  E     Gravezande, Holland                      Peter Manvis                                      Holland

2001  E     Kellenhusen, Germany                   Peter Manvis                                      Holland

2002  E     Katwijk, Holland                             Burkhardt Schmidt                            Germany

2003  E     Weiden, Austria                              Gavin Colby                                       Australia

2003  W    13thWorlds, Germany                    Thorin Zeilmaker                               Holland

2004  E     Middelfart, Denmark                      Thomas Paasch                                Denmark

2005  E     Gravenzande, Holland                   Thomas Paasch                                Denmark

2006  E     Hoghwacht, Germany                    Joachim Wegner                               Germany

2007  E     Scheveningen,Holland               ??

2008  E     Koege, Denmark                            Friedhelm Weller                               Germany

2009  E     Gravedona, Italy                             Jörg Stoltenberg                               Germany

2010  E     Travemunde, Germany                  Arnaud Thieme                                  France

2011  E     Breitenbrunn, Austria                    Oliver Stoltenberg                             Germany

2012  E     Arzon, France                                Arnaud Thieme                                  France

2013  W    14thWorlds, Germany                   Arnaud Thieme                                  France

2014  E     Castellfels, Spain                          Wolfgang Ehrich                                Germany

2015  W    15thWorlds, Italy                            Blaine Dodds                                     South Africa

2016  E     Lake Neusiedl, Austria                   Friedhelm Weller                               Germany

2017  W    Noordwijk, Holland                        Fletcher Warren-Mayers                  Australia          

2018  E     Hornbaek, Denmark                      Robert Michel                                    France




Year   Location                                                  Name                                                  Nationality

1974  E     Toulon, France                               Dorgambide/Dorgambide                France

1975  E     St Tropez, France                           Van den Burg/van den Burg            Holland

1976  E     Scheveningen, Holland                  Martens/Lindemann                         Germany

1976  W    1stWorlds, Hawaii                          Dean Froome/John Driscoll            USA

1977  E     Les Embiez, France                       Heilbron/ Dieben                               Holland

1978  E     St Peter-Ording, Germany             Loos/ Visser                                       Holland

1978  W    2ndWorlds, Texas                           Mick Whitheade/C. Withehead       South Africa

1979  E     La Manga, Spain                            Spijker/Visser                                    Holland

1980  E     Lake Garda, Italy                            Spijker/Visser                                    Holland

1980  W    3rdWorlds, Virgin Islands                Brett Dryland/Jason Hardman        Australia

1981  E     Port Camargue, France                  Lange/ Son                                         Holland

1982  E     Toulon, France                               CH. Stoll/ B. Osterhoff                      Germany

1982  W    4th  Worlds, Tahiti                           Hobie Alter Jr/Patty McGuire          USA

1983  E     Fregene, Italy                                  D. Mohr/ R. Mohr                              Germany

1984  E     Skanoer, Sweden                           Hendriksen/M. Schwartz                  Denmark

1984  W    5th  Worlds, Florida                        Garry Metcalf/Chris Metcalf             Australia

1985  E     Highcliffe, England                         D. Mohr/ R. Mohr                              Germany

1986  E     Neusiedlersee, Austria                   Hagara/Hagara                                 Austria

1986  W    6thWorlds, Fiji                                 Gary Metcalf/Brian Miers                 Australia

1987  E     Quiberon, France                            Bardram/Zilmer                                 Denmark

1988  E     Copenhagen, Denmark                   Leptien/Schüssler                             Germany

1988  W    7thWorlds, Holland                         Gary Metcalf/Brian Miers                 Australia

1989  E     Hyères - France                               D. Mohr/ R. Mohr                              Germany

1990  E     Salou, Spain                                    D. Mohr/ R. Mohr                              Germany

1991  E     Gromïtz, Germany                          Van der Plaat/T.Zeilmaker              Holland

1991  W    8thWorlds, South Africa                 David Kry/M van der Merve             South Africa

1992  E     Katwyk, Holland                             Van der Plaat/T.Zeilmaker              Holland

1993  E     Jersey, Channel Islands                 Griesmeyer/Canepa                         Italy       

1993  W    9thWorlds, French West Indies     Shaun Ferry/Shelly Polson             South Africa

1994  E     Cagliari, Italy                                  Griesmeyer/Canepa                         Italy

1995  E     Copenhagen, Denmark                 D. Mohr/ R. Mohr                              Germany

1995   W    10thWorlds, Mexico                      Aaron Worrall/David Sylvester        Australia

1996  E     Knokke Heist, Belgium                  Griesmeyer/Canepa                         Italy

1996  W    11thWorlds, Un. Arab Emirates     Claudio Cardoso/Fr. Monteiro        Brazil

1997  E     Saint Raphaël, France                   P. Manvis/Van Bertel                        Holland

1997  W    12thWorlds, Spain                         Gwanael Roth/Thierry Monfret        France

1998  W    13thWorlds, Un. Arab Emirates    Shaun Ferry/Alison Lewis               South Africa

1999  W    Föhr, Germany                              D. Mohr/ R. Mohr                              Germany

2000  E     Jersey, Channel Islands                Souben/Bontemps                            France

2000  W    14thWorlds, Guadeloupe              Herve Bride/Thierry Bride                Tahiti

2001  E     Vassiliki, Greece                            Detlef Mohr/Fock                               Germany

2002  E     Katwijk, Holland                            G. Backes / S. Monreal                    Germany

2002  W    15thWorlds, France                      Gavin Colby/Simone Mattfield        Australia 

2003  E     Weiden, Austria                             G. Backes/S. Monreal                      Germany

2004  E     Cagliari, Italy                                  Le Gal/Delevaux                               France

2004  W    16thWorlds, Mexico                       Axel Silvy/Pauline Jupin                  France

2005  E     Heiligenhafen, Germany                Cedric Bader / Yann. Montoya       France

2005  W    17thWorlds, South Africa               Shaun Ferry/Michele le Sueur        South Africa

2006  E     Quiberon, France                            François Morvan/R. Pett                  France

2007  E     Gravenzande, Netherlands            C.R. de Malet/Alban Rossolin        France

2007  W    18thWorlds,Fiji                                Mick Butler/Susan Etherington       Australia

2008  E     Koege, Denmark                            Jerome le Gal/M. Iazzetti                 France

2009  E     Gravedona, Italy                              Tim Shuwalow/C. Colling                Sweden

2010  E     Travemunde, Germany                  Jerome le Gal/M. Iazzetti                 France

2010  W    19thWorlds, China                         Jerome le Gal/Enrich Obert             France

2011  E     Breitenbrunn, Austria                     Arndt Bernado/B. Oliveira               Brazil

2012  E     Arzon, France                                  Cedric Bader/L. Bader                     France

2013  E     Cagliari, Sardinia                            Orion Martin/C. Hilliard                    France

2014  E     Castellfels, Spain                            Cedric Bader/L. Bader                     France

2014  W    20thWorlds, Australia                    Gavin Colby/Josie Mark                   Australia

2015  E     Cagnano, Italy                                 Cedric Bader/L. Bader                     France

2016  E     Lake Neusiedl, Austria                   Cedric Bader/L. Bader                     France

2016  W    21thWorlds, China                         D. Bjoernholt/J. Frederiksen           Denmark

2017  E     Noordwijk, Holland                        I. Delius/S. Delius-Wenig                Germany

2018  E     Hornbaek, Denmark                      Nicolay Bjørnholt/Naja Bjørnholt    Denmark




Year   Location                                                  Name                                                  Nationality

1987  E     Lake Garda, Italy                            Bruce Bechtold                                  Germany

1988  E     La Grande Motte, France              Bruce Bechtold                                  Germany

1988  W    1stWorlds, Hawaii                          Mike Metcalf                                       Australia

1989  E     Gromïtz, Germany                          Bruce Bechtold                                  Germany

1990  E     Carnac, France                               Friedrich Niederquell                       Germany

1990  W    2ndWorlds, Canada                       Bob Seaman                                      USA

1991  E     Aarhus, Denmark                           Bruce Bechtold                                  Germany

1992  E     Noirmoutier, France                       Bruce Bechtold                                  Germany

1993  E     Lake Garda, Italy                            Friedrich Niederquell                       Germany

1994  E     Lorient, France                                Gavin Hunt                                         England

1995  E     Copenhagen, Denmark                 Bruce Bechtold                                  Germany

1996  W    3rdWorlds, Spain                            Bruce Bechtold                                  Germany

1997  E     Saint Raphaël, France                   J. Van Spellen                                   Holland

1998  E     Lake Garda, Italy                            Bruce Bechtold                                  Germany

1999  W    4th  Worlds, Austarlia                      Steve Fields                                       Australia




Year   Location                                                  Name                                                  Nationality

1980  E     Scheveningen, Holland                 P. Spijker/R. Visser                           Holland

1981  E     Port Camargue, France                 Berriou/Ghielmetti                             France

1981  W    1stWorlds, Florida                          Ian Basford/Steven Wheelan          Australia

1982  E     Kellenhusen, Germany                  Kay Delius/Ingo Delius                    Germany

1983  W    2ndWorlds, France                        Brett Dryland/Robin Whitehead     Australia

1984  E     Fregene, Italy                                  Kay Delius/Ingo Delius                    Germany

1985  W    3rdWorlds, Australia                       Gerry Metcalf/Brian Miers                Australia

1986  E     Les Embiez, France                       Hagara/Hagara                                 Austria

1987  E     Gromïtz, Germany                          D. Mohr/ R. Mohr                             Germany

1987  W    4th  Worlds, Canada                       Brett Dryland/D. Dryland                 Australia

1988  E     Gaeta, Italy                                      Maltagliati/Silenzi                             Italy

1989  E     Crozon Morgate, France               Planine/Patti                                       Italy

1989  W    5th  Worlds, California                    Gary Metcalf/Matthew Stephens    Australia

1990  E     Carnac, France                               Marcolini/Canepa                             Italy

1991  E     Aarhus, Denmark                           Marcolini /Canepa                            Italy

1991  W    6thWorlds, Italy                               Clive Kennedy/Donna Kennedy     Australia

1992  E     Noirmoutier, France                       De Toro/Rogge                                 Italy       

1993  E     Lake Garda, Italy                            Griesmeyer/Canepa                         Italy       

1994  E     Lorient, France                                Pascal et Jacques Casari                France

1995  E     Copenhagen, Denmark                 Erik Olsen                                           Denmark

1996  W    7thWorlds, Spain                            Brad Summer/Amy Johnstone       Australia

1997  E     Saint Raphaël, France                   Pennino/Pappa                                 Italy

1998  E     Lake Garda, Italy                            Posani/Giannessi                             Italy

1999  W    8thWorlds, Australia                       Brad Summer/Amy Johnstone       Australia

2000-2004       ???

2005  W    9thWorlds, Australia                       Brad Summer/Belinda Walcom      Australia




Year   Location                                                  Name                                                  Nationality

1998  E     Lake Garda, Italy                            Schouten/Kant                                   Holland

1999  E     Föhr, Germany                                Booth/Dinsdale                                 Australia 

1999  W    1stWorlds, Italy                                Gerard Navarin/Bruno Bomati        France

2000  E     Charlottenlund, Denmark              Gerard Loos/Tobias                         Holland

2001  W    2ndWorlds, Italy                               Albert Sonino/Gabriele Bruni          Italy

2002  E     Katwijk, Holland                              Heemskerk/P.van Ruitenburg         Holland

2003  W    3rdWorlds, Singapore                    Mitch Booth/Taylor Booth                Holland

2004          ??

2005  W    4th  Worlds, California                    Enrique Figueroa/J. Hernandez     Puerto Rico

2006  W    5th  Worlds, Spain                           J.-Chr. Mourniac/Franck Citeau     France

2009  E     Gravedona, Italy                              M. Heemskerk/B. Tentil                   Holland

2010  E     Travemunde, Germany                  Gerard Loos/P. Ruitenburg             Holland

2010  W    6thWorlds, South Africa                 Mark Laruffa/Daniel Sims                Australia

2011  E     Breitenbrunn, Austria                     CH. Beinlich/M. Mertens                  Germany

2012  E     Arzon, France                                  Th. Codoc/Quentin Leroux              France

2013  W    7thWorlds, Germany                      Robbie Lovig/Andy Dinsdale          Australia

2014  E     Castelldefels, Spain                       Gael Joos/C. Matmio                        France

2015  W    8thWorlds, Italy                               William Edwards/D. Edwards          South Africa

2016  Lake Neusiedl, Austria                          M. Satlow/G. Zernatto                      Austria

2017  E     Noordwijk, Holland                         K. Wippersteg/R. Bertheau             Germany

2018  E     Hornbaek, Denmark                       races cancelled before event




2004  W    1stWorlds, Belgium                        Richard Glover/Andrew Glover       Great Britain

2005  E     Heiligenhafen, Germany                 F. Ridyard/T. Allen                           Great Britain

2006  W    2ndWorlds, Spain                           Jason Waterhouse/-Chase Lurati  Australia

2007  E     Gravenzande, Netherlands        Adam Butler/Gilly Sutcliffe               Great Britain

2009  E     Gravedona, Italy                              S. Samways/D. Channing               Great Brittan

2010  E     Travemunde, Germany                  Jolann Neiras/J. Rochefort             France

2010  W    3rdWorlds, South Africa                 Matt. Whitehead/M. Du Plessis      South Africa

2011  E     Breitenbrunn, Austria                     Henri Demesmaeker/E. Victor        Belgium

2012  E     Arzon, France                                  Henri Demesmaeker/E. Victor        Belgium

2013  W    4th  Worlds, Germany                     Tom Heinrich/Lea Selin Zisler        Germany

2014                no event

2015  W    5th  Worlds, Italy                               Lou Berthomieu/Swan BerthomieuFrance

2016  E     Lake Neusiedl, Austria                   Laura Farese/Stefania Wech          Austria

2017  W    Noordwijk, Holland                         Laura Farese/Stefania Wech          Austria

2018  E     Hornbaek, Denmark                       Christoph Wech/Rudolph Gruber   Austria




2010  E     Travemunde, Germany                  V. Bissaro/L. Cesari                         Italy

2012  E     Arzon, France                                  Carlo De Paoli/L. Cesari                  Italy

2013  W    1stWorlds, Germany                      Emeric Dary/Maxime Blondeau     France

2014  E     Castelldefels, Spain                       Julien Feraud/Charles Gate            France

2015  W    2ndWorlds, Italy                               Mitch Booth/Ruben Booth               Spain

2016  E     Lake Neusiedl, Austria                   Sebastian Brüning/J. Fischer          Germany

2017  E     Noordwijk, Holland                         Mitch Booth/Rita Booth                    Spain

2018  E     Hornbaek, Denmark                       races cancelled before event




Year   Location                                                  Name                                                  Nationality

1990  E     Carnac, France                               Potier/Gillet                                        France

1991  E     Aahrus, Denmark                           E.Skovbog/S.Djernes                       Denmark

1992  E     Noirmoutier, France                       E.Skovbog/S.Djernes                       Denmark

1993  E     Lake Garda, Italy                            E.Skovbog/S.Djernes                       Denmark




Year   Location                                                  Name                                                  Nationality

1989  E     Crozon Morga, France                   Vivient/Vivient                                    France

1990  E     Carnac, France                               Cerini/Teillet                                      France

1991  E     Aarhus, Denmark                           J.Neergaard/T.Wood                        Denmark

1992  E     Noirmoutier, France                       Proust/Rakotomamonjy                   France

1993  E     Lake Garda, Italy                            Owen/Metcalfe                                  Australia

1994  E     Lorient, France                                Marco & Luca Rossi                         Italy


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