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Wildwind sponsors the Hobie Cat MultiEuropeans in Austria


Dear Friends,

Joe Bennett and Marko Reynolds, our Wildwind manager and bosun in Vassiliki, achieved a superb 4th place at the Hobie Tiger World Championships in Lake Garda. This year we are delighted to announce that Wildwind are one of the main sponsors for the Hobie Cat MultiEuropeans, being held at the beautiful Lake Neusiedl in Austria, from 22-30 July.

joe bennett youtube channel

As well as offering four amazing Wildwind holidays as prizes (two in Vassiliki and two in Mauritius), Wildwind, in association with VRSport TV, are sending a film crew to the Hobie Cat MultiEuropeans and footage of the spectacular racing will be available world-wide during and after the event.

Wildwind hosted the first ever Hobie championships in Greece back in 2001 – it was a typically windy week in Vassiliki and you can see plenty of serious action on the event video that was shown by Sky Sports all around the world (look out for some spectacular pitchpoles!).

joe bennett youtube channel

Hobie 16 Europeans 2001 in Vass

For more information on Wildwind sailing holidays contact our friendly UK office team on 0844 499 2898 or visit to book your place now.

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