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                               Have a Hobie day !                                                                                  2019 Hobie Europeans & MultiWorlds                                                                                           



*THE GUERNSEY YACHT CLUB are planning to host the Hobie Tiger & Wildcat Nationals on their Guernsey Regatta weekend the 3rd and 4th Sept. Benn Garnham called and said they were very excited about the event which follows the Hobie C.I. Champs (25th Anniversary) in Jersey and the week after the event is the Jersey Regatta, so it’s going to be a fantastic 3 consecutive  weekends of major Championship and Regatta racing for the Fleet.

*THE OTHER GOOD NEWS from Benn is the Club are allowing small Cats back racing in the Carey Olsen Inter-Island race from Guernsey next year, beginning of July. Hobies used to race this event in years gone by, but were prevented for safety reasons in more recent years. Alex is really excited that the ruling has changed and has fond memories of the event, where one year he sailed his H16 from St. Ouen’s bay (in convoy) to Guernsey single handed trapezing in a force 3 to 4, as his crew had to fly over later, ready for the race back the next day.

WHAT A PARTY! The YC was full to the rafters and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Fleet Christmas lunch and Rosscot Prize Giving. Congratulations to the class winners in the Winter series.

30 boats took part.

NEW YEARS DAY SAIL quite a few are planning a fun sail on that morning. If you want to get out on the water for a whirl round the bay and ‘clear La Tete’ it starts at 10:30am from the Gunsite.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy Hobie New Year from Elaine and myself.

Fair winds

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