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Rule stuff Q & A

2015 Hobie MultiWorlds & Hobie 16 Europeans

Rule stuff Q & A


Q: What are the class membership requirements for the event?

A: All competitors must be paid-up members of a National/Regional Hobie Class Association or Hobie Fleet in good standing with the IHCA in accordance with the Class Rules of the International Hobie Class Association. Membership status will be subject to check for all competitors.


Q: What are the requirements for identification on sails?

A: National letters, class insignia and sail number shall be displayed on the mainsail. RRS Appendix G applies, however Hobie Cat classes do not need to have national letters in their spinnakers. Chartered and loaned boats are not required to have national letters in their mainsail. The same applies for the Hobie 16 Gold Fleet sails.


Q:  Is the Hobie 14 “Power ST” mainsail legal for the Worlds (class racing)?

A: No, the “Power ST” mainsail has never been approved by ISAF and IHCA as International Hobie Cat 14 class equipment.


Q:  As some competitors are also using their boats for F18 racing, what should be kept in mind?

A: Only Hobie Cat Co. sails, dagger boards, rudder blades, trampolines etc. are class legal. See for full details of the Class Rules.

If questions please let us know. See you on Lake Garda! J

Erik Olsen

IHCA Rules Committee Chair

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