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                               Have a Hobie day !                                                                                  2019 Hobie Europeans & MultiWorlds                                                                                           

2014 MultiHobieEuropeans – Hobie 16 Gold, Wild Cat and FX-One day 2

Strong winds, steep sea and a real hefty day at the office describes very well the setting for today’s action on the water. About the time where the sailors headed out for the first race, there was a good 15-17 knots breeze with the waves already being quite bumpy. Following the first start, the wind gradually increased up to the 25 kts. ++ with the waves getting more and more intense. After two races, the race committee sent the sailors back to be the beach. Pasta was served in the Hobie Village with the ordeals of the day being subject for quite animated sharing and discussions! ;-)

The leaders (pending protests) after day 2 are:

Hobie 16

CEDRIC BADER/LAURENT BADER (FRA) consolidated their lead with another two bullets.

Hobie Wild Cat

JULIEN FERAUD/CHARLES GATE (FRA). About 2/3 of the fleet stayed on shore.  

Hobie FX-One

ALFREDO BERNAD (ESP). The class stayed on shore.

Hobie FX-One Double

CARLES VICENS/IGNASI SITGES (ESP). The class stayed on shore.

The weather forecast for tomorrow indicates a bit more peaceful conditions.

Full results:



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