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2014 Super Sail Tour - Grömitz

Eckernförde, Juni 2014

A perfect port start for skipper Ingo Delius in the 5th and last race of the Hobie 16 Regatta in Grömitz safed him the final overall victory in a very strong field before Kerstin Wichardt / Sarah Schütte second place and the Youth World Champions Nicolaj Björnholt / Nicklas Heide from Denmark. „We know that we have to try something special to win,“ said Ingo Delius after the race. „We saw the line to pin end, the wind was fine and the field was not fast enough to come down right in time. That was an amazing start for us,“ Ingo Delius smiling.

Former champion Detlef Mohr with his long year crew Karen Wichardt, sailed two first places and finished one time second, but with two OCS it was not possible to get in the top rankings after 5 races.

„Due to the wind conditions it was not possible to sail more than 5 races, so we only could take out one OCS. If you sail like this you cannot expect more,“ said Detlef Mohr after his 16th place overall.

Grömitz-JHA 9035

The beautiful and warm weather in Grömitz at the sunny side of the Baltic Sea made it difficult. The weak winds in the forecast, the likelihood of thunderstorms, and a 180° windshift on Sunday had to be overcome. "Fortunately Grömitz has shown us once again that even if other places in Schleswig-Holstein due to the weather conditions can not be sailed, we get our regattas," said Jens Hannemann by the organizer Prosail. "We almost get these nice stable thermal conditions we need to perform very close to the pier and our sepctators."

In other classes Hobie 14 was won by Andreas Martens (7 points), Tanja Rindt (9 points) and Jörg Stoltenberg (10 points), as well Hobie Tiger by Fritz Klocke with 5 daily first places in front of Reiner Gehrmann / Martin Gehrmann (9 points) and Ole Schönherr / Nis Carstensen (16 points).

Grömitz-JHA 9212


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Super Sail Tour Scharbeutz vom 04.07.14 bis 06.07.14

Super Sail Tour Kellenhusen vom 18.07.14 bis 20.07.14

Super Sail Tour Final Race Westerland/ Sylt vom 08.08.14 bis 17.08.14

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