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Three great days with 7-fought races have allowed us to successfully conclude the 1st National Championship Hobie Cat Multiclass. The 55 boats in the water were divided between the historical and widespread Hobie Cat 16, the fast Tiger and Wild Cat and the "small" Dragoon.

The wind conditions were very different, both in intensity and direction and the committee has done a great job to allow the smooth running of the whole event that eventually honored as winners the faster and the more careful sailors who didn’t make tactical errors difficult to heal.

The technical success of the event was completed by the equally important success of the organization masterfully handled by the club Tognazzi Marine Village of Torvaianica that, aided by the beautiful location, they did live to all the competitors and their friends the famous atmosphere of the Hobie Way of Life, which combines the efforts of competitive races, with the pleasure of being fine all together having fun.

The Multiclass Championship formula helped make particularly interesting and enjoyable the whole event, because it brought together racers of all ages and different levels of experience, allowing everyone to have fun and just enjoy the competitive spirit.

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The most numerous class, as it was easy to foresee, was the Hobie Cat 16 where, for the fourth time of which the last two times consecutively, the crew from Cagliari composed by Antonello Ciabatti and Luisa Mereu won the title with a race in advance thanks to the good positions and enormous regularity of the results. Winning the final race, Antonello and Luisa were also awarded with the third edition of the trophy Federico Pecorino, dedicated to the unforgettable friend and champion of the Hobie Cat class, who died three years ago. In second place, winning the youth title, arrived the couple composed by Andrea Martinelli and Ilaria Chiesa from Rome. They fought unitil the end with a large group of crews allenclosed in very few points, which saw on the third place the crew composed by Daniele Ciabatti and Roberto Dessy always from Cagliari. Beatrice Ruggieri and Diana Rogge, arrived seventh in the absolute ranking, won the womens’ title thanks to their regularity.

For the HC16, the National Championship was also valid as a qualification to conquer one of the 5 places available for Italy at the next European Championship that will be held in Spain at Castelldefels ( Barcelona ) from the 27th of June to the 5th of July.

Wild Cat and Tiger raced together, and also in this class the fight for the title was very tight but at the end, with only one point ahead of the second, the crew formed by Federico Botarelli and Mirko Puri won it with the Wild Cat, followed in second place by Francesco Panella and Vito Capozzo and in third position by Alessandro Pelliccia and Davide Caroselli both in Wild. First of the Tiger is the couple formed by father and son Marco Rossi and Alessandro Rossi.

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For the Dragoon class, this event represented the first stage of the Dragoon Cup which takes place in three stages which the last is the National Championship in Pescara from 25th to the 28th of August. The Dragoon competed with round robin formula using in turn boats provided by the organization. At the end of the full 18 "flights" every couple raced 8 races and it competed with all the others. At the end, the title was won by Carluccio and De Berardinis, followed by Di Nisio and Piersante and third Attili with Ricci at only one point of difference.

During the event there was a technical meeting for the Wild Cat and Tiger held by national and international champion in both classes Lamberto Cesari that addressed the issue of the conduction of both boats, of the technique and the race tactic.

Sunday the 1st, the championship was followed by web tv Saily who made movies about racing and some interviews with the sailors. They will be soon available on the website and then on the Italian Hobie Cat Association website (www.associazioneclasse 



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