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RACING FOR H/Tiger & Wildcat class, H16 ‘A’ & ‘B’ Fleets and Junior Hobie Dragoons. Subject to conditions, there will be an added race, three in total, to make up for one of the missed races earlier in the series. For those that haven’t raced as yet and are intending to for this event, please make sure entry form is given to the Beach Officer prior to the start. There are 6 races remaining and 5 to count, so still all to play for. If anyone requires crew please make contact, there are several with experience who are keen to sail. Next weekend’s forecast looking excellent for racing.

RCIYC SPRING REGATTA what a fantastic event to start the sail/racing season off. Excellent conditions, especially on the Sunday and great competition amongst the Hobies in all classes.

Well done to the winning teams.

THANK YOU to all the Fleet for flying the black ribbon in the Regatta as a mark of respect to Hobie Alter. Great to see all the boats on the start line with the ribbons streaming from the second mainsail batten up. Nice photo of Darren and Laurence above, taken by Elaine, with the black ribbon flying. More photos of the Regatta racing are on the RCIYC facebook page.


JUNIOR DRAGOONS there is racing next Sunday 20th April. Please register with Hayley if you wish to participate, no later than Friday next at 12 noon. Remember it’s on a first come first served basis. Please be at the beach no later than 8:30am for preparation, rigging and briefing.

LE RAID de L’ESPACE a big multihull event that is being held near Granville at St Martin de Brehal over the Liberation weekend 9th/10th/11th May. Our H/F18 teams have struck up good friendships with the sailors from this area whilst racing in past Brittany distance Raids. We have been invited and there are 4 Hobie F18 teams (so far) sailing over to participate in the event which is no doubt going to be a fantastic experience as well as a whole load of fun. Attached information and a great poster.

INTREPID CLIPPER SAILOR and Hobie 16 helm Jeremy Smith is well on his way across the Pacific Ocean. Here is an entry from his diary in March – no doubt there’ll be updates as he continues his challenging voyage

IN SPITE OF SEVERAL requests there are still boats parked on the top grass verge holding bays west of Sugar Basin slip. Parks & Gardens want to clean up the area asap, they have done good work replanting the central reservations after the flooding. There is concern at the state of the holding bays from the householders and with the Tourist season beginning its important the RCIYC Hobie Fleet respects the agreement for this excellent and much needed parking facility. The minority are jeopardising this facility for the majority of the Fleet. Please make sure all boats are moved off by this weekend 19/20th  April. From now on until next November, boats should only be parked on the holding bays and the Fort over the 3 day duration of a high tide, which is likely to hit the beach wall. Normally 11.3m/37ft plus, depending on wind and tidal surge.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST  big congratulations to Darren, super ‘Wildcat’ helm, skipper of ‘Crumpet’ for making it to the RCIYC pinnacle position as Commodore of the Club. He has certainly paid his dues over the last four years and it’s great to see his commitment and passion for the Club (and Hobie Fleet). Not forgetting he is the first Hobie Fleet sailor to make Commodore of the Club. Well done Darren we wish you calm waters during your term of office. It seems like only yesterday, I first met him at the beach when he had come along to check out the local Hobie activity.

Look forward to seeing you on the water

Fair winds,


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